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Working together we can enhance and develop new agricultural systems that will improve natural resources and provide new economic opportunities. Our team consists of experts in the areas of genomics, breeding, agronomics and commercialization.

The Forever Green Initiative is a University of Minnesota and USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS) program to develop new crops and high-efficiency cropping systems. READ MORE

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Partners in Crop & System Development:

MBOLD Camelina initiative

Forever Green Partnership

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Pennycress commercialization can protect water systems, support pollinator health and biodiversity, suppress spring weeds, increase energy security by diversifying the nation’s energy portfolio, and contribute to rural communities’ economic health.

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Given that grains make up over 70% of our global caloric consumption and over 70% of our global crop lands, transitioning from an extractive annual grain production model to a perennial model is a chance to create a truly regenerative food future.

Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative

We are working to create a sustainable hazelnut industry modeled after the oak savanna and based on our native American hazelnut.

Grassland 2.0

Grazed perennial grasslands: an opportunity to build soils, nutrients, and carbon in agricultural production while providing farmers and society with profitable and productive outcomes.

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