Bioeconomy Project Publications

Jordan, N. R., Slotterback, C. S., Cadieux, K. V., Mulla, D. J., Pitt, D. G., Olabisi, L. S., & Kim, J.-O. (2011). TMDL Implementation in Agricultural Landscapes: A Communicative and Systemic Approach. Environmental Management, 48(1), 1–12. doi:10.1007/s00267-011-9647-y link


Jordan, N., Schulte, L. A., Williams, C., Mulla, D., Pitt, D., Shively-Slotterback, C., … Bringi, B. (2013). Landlabs: An Integrated Approach to Creating Agricultural Enterprises That Meet the Triple Botom Line. Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement, 17(4), 175–200. link

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