Legislative Action

What are Minnesotans saying about Forever Green?

"Growing summer annual, winter annual, and perennial crops that are precisely positioned to enhance environmental quality while improving economic outcomes through the use of information technologies is a game-changing strategy for Minnesota’s landscapes and agricultural economy."

--Brian Buhr, Dean of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

  Brian Buhr
Carmen Fernholz  

"Robust crop rotations are an integral part of profitable agricultural production. Integrating perennial and winter annual crops into existing farming systems provides growers with new revenue streams and improves soil health."

Carmen Fernholz, Farmer; Madison, MN

"Perennial and winter crops offer incredible potential for Minnesota farmers and the food industry. This important innovation at the University of Minnesota will increase farmer profitability and support environmental resilience. We wholeheartedly support this initiative."

--Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer; General Mills, Inc.

  Jerry Lynch General Mills Chief Sustainability Officer
Richard Magnusson  

"For nearly 70 years, Northern Minnesota has benefited from the University of Minnesota’s development of perennial grass seed crops. New, perennial seed crops have stabilized farm income, lessened erosion, and enabled growers to profitably raise crops in all types of weather. Adding these perennial crops to our rotations have made us resistant to commodity cycles affecting two crop rotation farmers. We strongly support a permanent state investment for this work."

Richard Magnusson, Farmer; and President, Turf Seed Council; Roseau, MN

"We are an environmentally-conscious business with a focus on producing high-quality, organically-produced products at our brewery in Saint Paul. Our goal for Bang Brewing is to have the biggest impact with the smallest foot print. We have been working with the Forever Green Team for the past two years, making beer with new crops, hosting field days about our collective work and interacting with Minnesota State Fair attendees at the CFANS display at the Fair. We are strong supporters of this comprehensive effort."

--Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo, Owners, Bang Brewing

  Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo owners of Bang Brewing
Tracy Singleton owner Birchwood Cafe  

"The Birchwood Café’s blueberry Kernza® éclair was a Star Tribune-recognized new food at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. Our restaurant believes in the power of winter-hardy and perennial crops as a creative food source for our customers, who learn about agriculture and the importance of crops that grow economies and safeguard the environment when they eat these foods. We believe in supporting Minnesota’s farmers and encourage the Legislature to make this strategic investment in our economic, environmental, and culinary future."

Tracy Singleton, Owner, Birchwood Cafe

"It is obvious that we need to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while we continue to increase production of nutritious food. It’s not so obvious how to do it. The Forever Green Initiative is the most comprehensive and forward-thinking scientific endeavor to introduce new crops in agriculture to rapidly lessen the environmental impact of whole rotational systems centered around major staple crops. The scientific rigor and the thought-leadership brought by this program are inspirational and reassuring that agriculture and farmers can and will be part of the solution in improving the environment, rather than part of the problem."

--Gabe Gusmini, R & D Director – Crop Improvement PepsiCo, Personal Statement

  Gabe Gusmini