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The Forever Green Initiative is a University of Minnesota and USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS) program to develop new crops and high-efficiency cropping systems. Learn more

Forever Green Grants

Apply by August 15, 2016

The Forever Green Agriculture Initiative is accepting applications for proposals that focus on the development of perennial and winter annual crops and cropping systems for addressing Minnesota agriculture’s productivity, efficiency and adaptability to variable climates. Projects relevant to germplasm development and breeding, production and agroecology, or end-use development are all encouraged. This includes projects that lead to the commercialization of the new crops and associated new agricultural products. Plant species and cropping systems of interest include: herbaceous and woody perennials and winter annual crops. Priority will be given to proposals that are developed around established projects where the new funds could be used to expand or enhance existing activities.  More information

Our Team

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Working together we can enhance and develop new agricultural systems that will improve natural resources and provide new economic opportunities. Our team consists of experts in the areas of genomics, breeding, agronomics and commercialization.

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